Rendering RAF files in Lightroom, C1 and Irident

As a Fuji user after many years of Canon shooting, the topic of rendering X-Trans Raw files is an interesting topic. Generally Lightroom (and ACR) is weaker in rendering .RAF files than some rival programmes. The general criticisms are that fine details can get lost, certain colours get halos and foliage can be rendered in a watercolour style.

Pete Bridgwood in a blog post explained that using placing Sharpening > Detail slider in LR/ACR to +100 can improve rendering, and that has been my default method for a while.

There have been some improvements in Lightroom 6.1 and more are promised. The guys at FujivsFuji have taken a look at some tricks to process files, comparing Lightroom 5.7, 6.1, Irident Developer and Capture One.

The tl;dr is that there are improvements in 6.1, Irident probably produces the best files and Capture One isn’t bad either, but have a look at the article!

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