The Perfect Layers hype machine

OnOne Software have announced a public preview of a new ‘Plug-in’ for Lightroom, called Perfect Layers, which promises to be a quick and easy external editor for Lightroom. It is designed as a quick and easy method of quickly retouching an image using Layers.

“Its features include:

  • Inspired by and designed with Scott Kelby
  • Combine multiple images from Lightroom into a single, layered file
  • Perfect Layers 1.0 will include Aperture and Bridge support
  • Adjust layer size, position, blending mode and opacity
  • Use layer masks and masking tools to blend multiple layers together”

To that end it could act as a replacement for Photoshop Elements or Adobe Photoshop. However if you have either of these applications, then you won’t need Perfect Layers.

The hype machine around this app was stoked by a post entitled ‘Breaking News: Imagine having Layers in Lightroom. Well, OnOne Software Just Did it!!‘ by the aforementioned Scott Kelby.

Bear in mind that the app does not allow layers in Lightroom, it is an external editor which renders the image and after editing writes it back to Lightroom as a bitmap file. So the headline and content of the article is over the top and just plain silly.

This has been called out by an unhappy Jeffrey Friedl, and by John Beardsworth in their blogposts. For all the good Scott does for the industry (and he does some) this sort of hyperbole does him a huge disservice. As of 6pm April 25th, he has not corrected the obvious falsehood, just added a comment to his post, explaining that the app will have its uses.

To any readers of this post who think that the Easter Day miracle occurred and Layers are now alive in Lightroom, they aren’t!