Plug-ins Roundup

Several Plug-ins have been updated/released in the last week, here is a quick round up of some of them.

John Beardsworth has formally released OpenDirectly. It allows the original image to be opened in other applications. SearchReplaceTransfer is up to 1.22. SearchReplaceTransfer allows you to :

  1. Search and replac text like a word processor
  2. Append text before or after existing text
  3. Transfer text between fields
  4. Create smart collections based on the current item’s metadata
  5. Transfer metadata from iView/Expression Media to 18 custom fields
  6. Check you’ve entered data in fields like the title, caption and keywords

Syncomatic 1.23 synchronises Library metadata and Develop adjustments (except the crop)

  • between pairs of files whose names are identical (or have a suffix like “-edit”) but where the file types differ
  • from the top item of a stack to the other stacked items

Jeffrey Friedl has released Photosafe, this allows the user to mark an image as not for deletion. Metadata Viewer allows you to easily view the metadata in the master image file of a photo or video in Lightroom’s catalog.

The Photographer’s Toolbox hosts a number of these and other Plug-ins, including those buy Timothy Armes and is also well worth a visit if you are looking to extend Lightroom’s capabilities further.

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