Keyword Lists

There are quite a few Keyword lists available to download for Lightroom, and it is worth a quick roundup to keep these in a central post.

Granddaddy of them all is probably the Controlled Vocabulary list produced by David Riecks. Now at Version 3, this is a set of 11,000 organised in a hierarchical structure. There is an alternative version which has all the terms have been moved down the hierarchy by one level, following a suggestion by Eric Scouten in his post. The cost is $69.99 for the list and a year’s subscription.

Next up is Shangara Singh’s Keyword Catalog. This contains 28,000 keywords and is a boon for Stock Photographers. The list is divided into 39 categories, which can be viewed here. A free demo is available here, and the catalog is available for £49.99 for personal use, and £99.99 for business use.

D-65 who run Lightroom Workflow courses also have a Digital Workflow Keyword list which contains 5,500 hierarchical keywords.

Nick Potter has produced some free (but welcomes a donation) Keyword Lists, divided into seven categories: Geography, Animals, Colours, Natural Landforms, Bodies of Water, Buildings and Weather.

Sean McCormack has a list of Action Keywords (adjectives) containing about 250 keywords.

Tony Wu has a Marine Life list costing $99 and is available for Aperture as well.

Fleeting Glimpse Images has a series of Keyword Lists, including Birds of North America (4767 for $9.95), Birds of Costa Rica (1799 for $6.95), Mammals of North America (1008 for $6.95) and Natural Forms (641 for $4.95).

Mark Wilson of Rusticolus Images has some Bird Keyword lists, for British, North American and Western Palearctic in English and Italian. He has just updated them with further lists of European Mammals and European Amphibians.

Bureau22 provides some donationware Country based keywords for Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and France as well as some German translations of Nick Potter’s Bodies of Water, Weather, and Natural Landforms lists

Finally, I recently released a Keyword list of Damselflies and Dragonflies of the UK. This is a hierarchical list with Latin names included as Synonyms.