Lightroom 3 Released

After many months on beta testing both public and private, Adobe has released Lightroom to the world.

The major new feature since the last Public Beta is Lens Corrections. These were outlined by Tom Hogarty (Product Manager) in video form at the end of April and released as part of Camera Raw 6.1 on June 1st. But there are other features that have been added. These include:

  • Profile-based lens correction that addresses:
    • Geometric lens distortion(i.e., barrel or pincushion)
    • Chromatic aberration
    • Vignette effects
  • Manual geometric lens correction
  • Horizontal and vertical perspective correction
  • Improved Web templates for updated color and design options
  • Additional Print templates to utilize the new creative layout options
  • New develop presets for creative B&W and Color adjustments
  • Focal length filtering available in the metadata filter
  • Updated SDK with publish collection functionality and access to collection and keyword metadata
  • Improved interactive responsiveness
  • Ability to upgrade Lightroom 1, Lightroom 2 catalogs as well as Lightroom 3 beta or Lightroom 3 beta 2 catalogs
    • Images edited in Lightroom 3 beta or Lightroom 3 beta 2 will migrate to Lightroom 3.0 with little to no visual adjustments. ¬†Minor sharpening adjustments may appear.
  • Ability to migrate Photoshop Elements 6, 7 or 8 catalogs to Lightroom 3
  • Updated print resolution limits of 720ppi for local printing and 1200ppi for printing to a JPEG file.

Camera support is now on a par with Camera Raw 6.1 and a full list of supported cameras is available here.

As usual the community has responded with many posts aimed at enlightening users to all the new features. Sean McCormack has a list of these. Adobe TV has 10 videos available to explain the new features. Victoria Bampton has an in-depth look at the new features on her Lightroom Queen blog. Jeffrey Friedl has a post on his Plug-in updates. Lightroom help is also available here.

Lightroom 3 is available for Mac and Windows on the Adobe site.