Plug-in News

While I have been away a few Lightroom Plug-ins/Galleries have been updated.

Mark Wilson has released Nature Data LR, a Lightroom 2 Plug-in for adding species data fields on your photos.

The fields provide a formal and structured approach to organising your images of natural subjects such as birds and mammals.

The plug-in adds a new metadata panel to the library module, a new dialog to manage the additonal data and an export action to add the data to keywords on exported images. Updates are available through an RSS feed or via Twitter.

Mark’s other Plug-ins are available on his site.

John Beardsworth has just updated BeardyReplace to a Release Candidate which Searches and replaces metadata text; appends text to metadata fields and transfers text between metadata fields

Sean McCormack’s LRB Portfolio has now been updated to version 2.51. There are a lot of plumbing changes which should help efficiency. Some new features include:

  • A Text Width slider that allows the user to set the width of the text in the Home, About, Contact and Blank pages.
  • An ID Plate Offset Slider that allows the user to nudge the ID Plate for better alignment
  • The non Gallery pages now use a separate header file to prevent an error in IE.
  • The code is now W3C valid. For the record, it’s possible to have useless valid code, but as some people are bothered by this, it’s done.
  • Fixed an IE bug where the ID plate could be hidden by the menu

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