Weekend Roundup

Sean McCormack has an interview with Timothy Armes of LR/Mogrify and LR/Enfuse fame over at Lightroom News. Tim’s LR/Mogrify was recently upgraded to include control over borders. Sean’s LRB Portfolio web gallery was recently upgraded to 1.1 and can be found on the Lightroom Blog.

There seem to be some issues with Lightroom 2.2, described by some as a memory leak, but it is more a case of Lightroom overusing memory to help with the performance of Adjustment Brushes et al. You may prefer not to upgrade at the moment or to maybe try 2.2 on your machine on a spare Catalog just to verify if you are having problems. You may find that there are no problems, in which case upgrade away!

Windows users may be interested in the ProShow Plug-in for Lightroom, by Photodex. Users of ProShow Gold or Producer can now quickly and easily set-up slideshows in Lightroom and export directly to ProShow Gold or Producer. From there you can further refine the Slideshow. As ProShow is PC only, the plugin is also only for PC users.

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