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Lightroom 4 and Geotagging

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Sean McCormack has posted an article about Lightroom 4 and Geotagging using the iOS app, Geotagr. Its ability to save the GPX tracklog to Dropbox is certainly a handy feature.

Previously I have posted about the more convoluted workflow you had to follow with Lightroom 3. With the previous version, you had to use an app, such as Trails (the one I featured), HoudahGeo (or PC equivalent) to merge the tracklog with the images, and only then could you use location with Lightroom.

Trails can be substituted for Geotagr, and it works very well, you have to email the tracklogs to yourself to use them, but it sounds as though Geotagr with its Dropbox integration may be a winner!

Lightroom 4 Video Tutorials

Friday, March 9th, 2012

As ever with a new release of Lightroom there are plenty of video tutorials around, some are here already and some are coming shortly.

Luminous Landscape, one of the sites that has consistently produced a full video series for each release of Lightroom, now has an updated set for Lightroom 4. This is in the usual format, where Michael Reichman and Jeff Schewe give the viewer a more homespun (but very in-depth guide to the new release). Currently available for $59.95 (the price will change when the series is complete). This combo release contains a New User series and an Advanced series.

Laura Shoe has produced 10.5 hours of content for her Lightroom 4: Fundamentals and Beyond tutorials. These are available for $49.95 or ($57.95 for the DVD).

George Jardine the original Adobe Lightroom evangelist produces very high quality videos as can be seen by his previous Lightroom 3 Library, Develop, Camera Raw and Photoshop Integration video sets. He will shortly be releasing some for Lightroom 4. Keep an eye on his site!

Lightroom Journal also have a great list of resources and some of these include video tutorials

I will update further as I hear of new video tutorials

Blurb offering 20% off your first Lightroom 4 Produced Book

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Blurb and Adobe have partnered to offer a 20% discount for the first book you produce using the new Books Module in Lightroom 4. For more info visit the Blurb site and for some video tutorials on using the Book module to speed you on your way try these:

So there is no excuse not to give it a try!

Laura Shoe releases Lightroom Fundamentals DVD

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Laura Shoe an instructor and fine art photographer based in Seattle, Washington has released Lightroom Fundamentals: Workshop on DVD. This is based on her two day Lightroom Fundamentals workshop.

The contents include:

Getting Started: Understand how Lightroom 3 works with a catalog and nondestructive editing, where to put your images and how to organize them, how to move your catalog and images, how to ensure that everything gets backed up, how to set preferences and catalog settings.

Library: Learn how to get around in the Library module, manage screen space, set view options, import images, manage your files and folders, resolve problems that occur, rate, flag and keyword your images, add metadata, find images, create collections and smart collections. Learn how to use Publish Services to share your images on Facebook, Flickr and other services, and how to create JPEG and other copies of your images to share via Export.

Develop: after an overview of the Develop process, learn how to read the histogram, and then to use the crop, spot removal, and red eye tools. Learn the basics panel, how to adjust individual tones with the tone curve, individual colors with HSL, black and white conversions and split toning, adding grain and vignettes, lens corrections, sharpening and noise reduction. Learn how to take advantage of virtual copies and presets, and how to use history and snapshots. Make local changes with the adjustment brush and graduated filter. Work on multiple images with sync and auto sync. Learn different ways to view your image before and after your work.

See the full contents and two sample videos: Using the Adjustment Brush and Using the HSL Panel to work on Individual Colours in your Image.

The DVD contains 36 high resolution MP4 movies and costs $56.95, or is available as a $49.95 download.