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Photosmith for iPad

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Photosmith, the iPad mobile companion for Lightroom has been released on the App Store for $17.99 (£10.99, €14.49). It is a beautifully designed app which allows you to organise, rate, tag and label your photos while you are out on location, then when you are back with your main computer, sync back to Lightroom.


Photosmith offers photographers on-the-go tools that haven’t been seen in apps before. Full RAW viewing capability, including 100% zoom on 20+ megapixels cameras. Uploading images and tagging to Flickr, Facebook, and Dropbox. IPTC tagging, rating, keywording, all with full sync from the iPad to Lightroom, using the free plugin for Lightroom.

The Lightroom Plug-in, which allows the syncing of data from the iPad to Lightroom is available here.

LRPAD – the multitouch controller for Lightroom

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

LRPAD looks like an interesting method of controlling Lightroom via an iPad. It consists of a $9.99 application for your iPad and a beta Plugin for Lightroom (which is free to download). You also need to connect via WiFi.

Develop panels are controllable using the iPad’s multitouch interface, pressing and pushing discrete modules until you get the look you require.

It is probably more interesting as an example of what is possible with the iPad rather than as a hugely useful tool, but there might be occasions where you wish to be with a client away from the computer and manipulating images.

I think a lot of Lightroom and iPad users would secretly prefer a version of Lightroom for the iPad!

Update: Phil Mabey from iPad Creative (@philmabs) pointed me at Photosmith, which is going to be a travel sized companion to Lightroom. It is great to see developers are looking at the possibilities, since the iPad has all the makings of a valuable in the field companion to a shoot.

Update 2: a quick review of LRPAD by Séan McCormack