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Lightroom 4 Video Tutorials

Friday, March 9th, 2012

As ever with a new release of Lightroom there are plenty of video tutorials around, some are here already and some are coming shortly.

Luminous Landscape, one of the sites that has consistently produced a full video series for each release of Lightroom, now has an updated set for Lightroom 4. This is in the usual format, where Michael Reichman and Jeff Schewe give the viewer a more homespun (but very in-depth guide to the new release). Currently available for $59.95 (the price will change when the series is complete). This combo release contains a New User series and an Advanced series.

Laura Shoe has produced 10.5 hours of content for her Lightroom 4: Fundamentals and Beyond tutorials. These are available for $49.95 or ($57.95 for the DVD).

George Jardine the original Adobe Lightroom evangelist produces very high quality videos as can be seen by his previous Lightroom 3 Library, Develop, Camera Raw and Photoshop Integration video sets. He will shortly be releasing some for Lightroom 4. Keep an eye on his site!

Lightroom Journal also have a great list of resources and some of these include video tutorials

I will update further as I hear of new video tutorials

Blurb offering 20% off your first Lightroom 4 Produced Book

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Blurb and Adobe have partnered to offer a 20% discount for the first book you produce using the new Books Module in Lightroom 4. For more info visit the Blurb site and for some video tutorials on using the Book module to speed you on your way try these:

So there is no excuse not to give it a try!

Laura Shoe releases Lightroom Fundamentals DVD

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Laura Shoe an instructor and fine art photographer based in Seattle, Washington has released Lightroom Fundamentals: Workshop on DVD. This is based on her two day Lightroom Fundamentals workshop.

The contents include:

Getting Started: Understand how Lightroom 3 works with a catalog and nondestructive editing, where to put your images and how to organize them, how to move your catalog and images, how to ensure that everything gets backed up, how to set preferences and catalog settings.

Library: Learn how to get around in the Library module, manage screen space, set view options, import images, manage your files and folders, resolve problems that occur, rate, flag and keyword your images, add metadata, find images, create collections and smart collections. Learn how to use Publish Services to share your images on Facebook, Flickr and other services, and how to create JPEG and other copies of your images to share via Export.

Develop: after an overview of the Develop process, learn how to read the histogram, and then to use the crop, spot removal, and red eye tools. Learn the basics panel, how to adjust individual tones with the tone curve, individual colors with HSL, black and white conversions and split toning, adding grain and vignettes, lens corrections, sharpening and noise reduction. Learn how to take advantage of virtual copies and presets, and how to use history and snapshots. Make local changes with the adjustment brush and graduated filter. Work on multiple images with sync and auto sync. Learn different ways to view your image before and after your work.

See the full contents and two sample videos: Using the Adjustment Brush and Using the HSL Panel to work on Individual Colours in your Image.

The DVD contains 36 high resolution MP4 movies and costs $56.95, or is available as a $49.95 download.


George Jardine releases Adobe Camera Raw video tutorials

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

George Jardine, one of the original Lightroom evangelists, has added a new set of videos to his growing collection of video tutorials. George started with 15 video tutorials explaining Lightroom Library Workflow, then followed with 15 Develop Module Tutorials. He has now added 15 Camera Raw Tutorials.

The new tutorials cover some of the same ground as the Lightroom Develop Module videos, but explain the different workflow required in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw. To that end users who have purchased the Develop Module videos can email George for a special price.

For new users the 6 hours of video are available for $34.95 and cover the following topics:

    1   The Camera Raw Plug-In Overview   –  17:14
    2   Plug-In Navigation Basics and Cropping   –  25:51
    3   The Basic Panel – White Balance   –  28:13
    4   The Basic Panel – Tone Controls   –  28:45
    5   The Basic Tab – Presence Controls   –  13:58
    6   The Tone Curve   –  30:37
    7   The Detail Controls   –  44:34
    8   The HSL Controls   –  14:05
    9   The Black & White and Split Toning Controls   –  31:20
    10   The Lens Correction Controls   –  23:45
    11   The Effects Controls   –  13:43
    12   The Camera Calibration Controls and ACR Defaults   –  25:41
    13   Presets, Snapshots, and Workflow Options   –  32:03
    14   The Localized Corrections   –  28:58
    15   Working with Multiple Images, RGB Images, and the ACR Preferences   –  24:40


New George Jardine Videos

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Following on from his recent Library module videos, George Jardine, the original Adobe Lightroom Evangelist, has released the second set of videos.
This time these concentrate on the Develop Module, the ‘darkroom’ of Lightroom!

The topics covered are:

  1. Develop Module Overview   –  21:53
  2. The Crop Tool   –  18:09
  3. The Basic Panel – White Balance   –  21:47
  4. The Basic Panel – Tone Controls   –  23:36
  5. The Basic Panel – Presence Controls   –  12:47
  6. The Tone Curve Panel   –  20:57
  7. The Hue, Saturation and Luminance Panel   –  13:25
  8. The Black & White Controls and The Split Toning Panel   –  16:35
  9. The Detail Panel – Lightroom’s New Sharpening Controls   –  36:04
  10. The Lens Correction Panel   –  21:22
  11. The Effects Panel   –  13:42
  12. The Camera Calibration Panel   –  22:41
  13. Localized Corrections   –  27:46
  14. The Synchronize Command   –  8:59
  15. The Presets, Snapshots and History Panels   –  21:26

A sample movie of ‘The Hue, Saturation and Luminance Panel’ is available on George’s blog

The videos cost $24.95 to view online and will be available shortly for iPhone and iPad viewing.

Once you have bought them it is a quick process before you will no doubt hear the familiar, “Alright” that signifies another great tutorial from George.

George Jardine Video Tutorials

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

For those of you who have been using Lightroom since day 0, the name George Jardine has been synonymous with the product. A former Photography Evangelist for Adobe, the produced the series of podcasts which can still be found on the iTunes Store. Offering insights, interviews, tutorials and more, these Podcasts offered a fascinating view of the birth and early years of Lightroom Development.

George, after a long absence, has returned to Lightroom broadcasting with a new set of video tutorials. Entitled “New Adobe Lightroom 3 Video Workshop: 15 Tutorials on the Lightroom Library Workflow and Digital Photo Library Management” these tutorials offer 4 1/2 hours of Lightroom education.

The list of contents is as follows:

  1. Photo Library Structure – 10:49
  2. The Lightroom Catalog Overview – 6:23
  3. The Lightroom User Interface – 15:21
  4. The Pro Workflow Overview – 32:50
  5. The Lightroom Import Dialog – 14:15
  6. The Library Module – Part 1 – 23:42
  7. The Library Module – Part 2 – 25:21
  8. Keywords & Metadata – 19:57
  9. File Renaming – 18:54
  10. Editing Methods in Lightroom 3 – 23:35
  11. The Lightroom Filter Bar – 12:29
  12. Virtual Copies – 9:16
  13. The Export Dialog & Publish Services – 13:35
  14. The Lightroom to Photoshop Workflow – 17:09
  15. Digital Photo Library Backup Strategies – 16:43
  16. Working With Multiple Lightroom Catalogs – 20:15

Note these videos only cover Import, Workflow and Asset Management. More covering the Develop Module are coming soon.

They are available for $29.95 and are sure to be well worth the money.

Lens Corrections in Camera Raw and Lightroom

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Tom Hogarty, Product Manager for Camera Raw and Lightroom has posted a video with a sneak peek of Lens Corrections in Camera Raw and Lightroom. For more information see Tom’s blog post here, and have a look at the video below.

Quick Roundup

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

A quick couple of links that I neglected to mention on any other forum than Twitter.
Sean McCormack has written an Introduction to Lightroom Plugins
And the Adobe Lightroom team has posted another video in their “Meet the Lightroom Team series”, the latest is about Julie Kmoch

Video-Asset Management Plug-in

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

With the growing popularity of D-SLR’s being able to shoot video, Lightroom’s lack of import/management for these file types has become a limitation. Jeffrey Friedl has created Video-Asset Management a Plug-in to allow a small amount of video management within Lightroom.

Presets and Videos

Friday, April 24th, 2009

John Beardsworth has posted some ‘punch graduated filter’ presets. Not normally a fan of Presets, he has suddenly gone preset-tastic! 4 Punch Graduated Filter presets and an Ultra Clarity preset are valuable contributions to the community.

Sean McCormack on Lightroom News has produced some new videos, Shortcuts to Speed Develop and Toolstrip: Redeye Tool.

Sean notes that X=Equals have bundled their presets and posted them on Adobe Exchange.