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Lightroom Links

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

In my book Inside Lightroom 2, I promised a set of Lightroom Links and an OPML file of RSS feeds. This got a bit overlooked at the time, but now I can make amends. I have created a static page of the links in my resources chapter, plus a few new ones. The OPML file is also available as mentioned in the book. Obviously you will need a copy to get this file, but I am sure the ingenious among you can find it easily enough!

Updates will be announced in the blog and annotated on the Lightroom Links page.

Please feel free to add your own sites in the comments.

Colour Profiles in Lightroom 2.2

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

When you upgrade/install Lightroom 2.2 a set of colour profiles are now installed – these are the new profiles which aim to emulate some of the camera manufacturers’ ‘looks’ and are seen in the Calibration panel of the Develop module.

If you had previously installed the beta profiles you will now potentially have multiple profiles to choose from. Matt Kloskowski from Lightroom Killer Tips posts a quick piece on how to remove the old ones.

Lightroom Post-release site links

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Ian Lyons has a good overview of the new features at his website, and also a great article on Mangaging CMYK images the Trojan Horse way. Thanks to John Beardsworth for the spot. Sean McCormack also notes the new Lightroom SDK and improved support for Web Galleries. Michael Reichman covers the DNG Profile Editor on Luminous Landscape.